Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dead Day

Our first assignment was anything but normal--and I loved it. Dennis let us loose in an old cemetery dating back to the 15th century and told us to shoot. The graves were practically piled on top of each other, consumed by conquering green ivy, so much so that in some cases there were no visible headstones. What I found most intriguiging was the amount of life that still existed in such an old, decrepit place. And the occasional open graves were creepy enough to catch my eye.

The cat is for my homie, Stash. Maybe I'll find you a Czech girlfriend...

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So it begins...the conformity. I never thought I'd do a blog, but I can't say that the all night clubs will actually help my memory of this trip, so here goes. My first week in Prague is almost over and I still haven't caught up on sleep. Every day we go on some tour or excursion and every night there is something fabulous to do. I still am not completely satisfied with the dance music here, but what to do. No Gaga is a grave sin. The Czech Republic will get their's later.

I will have to suggest the Black Light Theatres though. One's rendition of Alice in Wonderland called "Aspects of Alice" was quite intriguing. A little creepy, but some suspense is good.